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Up With People's successful show

100 artists in energy explosion wondering almost 3 thousand people.

  • Almost 3 thousand people surprised
  • Xochitla prepared first class stage
  • 100 artists in energy explosion 

Last October 3rd after a long wait, finally the international group Up With People gave its show A song for the World at Xochitla Parque Ecológico, as a celebration for the 20th Anniversary of Fundación Xochitla. With this event, Up With People ended its stay in Tepotzotlán and México City, after a whole week doing community service, visiting schools, an International Cultural Fair offered to 1,400 local students and presentations for the Press.

Earlier that day, the park started the great mood for the later show, with previous performances such as Polynesian and Mexican folkloric dances, and the groups Big Brazz Band and Al mal tiempo Buena Causa played their music.

One hour after the show, people started making the line to enter the Jardín Central prepared for Xochitla, with almost one hectare of garden covered by a giant tend, available sits for every guest and a huge impressive stage to receive the 100 singers from 22 different countries.

Right after sunset the show started and the young artists became an explosion of energy on the stage. With songs such as Keep the Beat, One 2 One or Shine de Light they gave messages of optimism, cooperation and hope. There was also humor with TV Shows parodies, and simulated "text messages" that criticized the cold and not personal communications these days.

Dances and songs from Europe, Asia and Africa were the bridges to come back to Latin America with a Mexican medley that make the people in the audience sing and clap loudly.  There couldn't be missing as the great finale, two songs very well known for the Mexican fans since the 70's: ¿De qué color es la piel de Dios? and Viva la Gente.

At the end of the second act, the audience went crazy and with the chorus of "one more, one more", made the singers and dancer step on the stage again for one last performance. Once the event was concluded, the visitors from Xochitla Parque Ecológico asked the cast for pictures with them and to sign their CD's and posters.

This is how Up With People ends its Mexican tour, with the most concurred show in our country and perhaps on the whole tour. They set an example of philanthropy and artistic professionalism, helping Xochitla to rise founds with this event, which will be used for the development of the place and its environmental projects.

For sure, they will be back to Mexico and Xochitla in the future, and will show once again why they are remembered by many since the 60's, and they will came to spread their message one to one and to show with facts that it's possible to change the world.



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